Bake mouth-watering pizza on your bbq.         It's better than a woodfire oven!



The Amazing Ezi-Peel


Have you ever prepared a delicious looking Fresh Dough Pizza then found once it come to transferring the Fresh Pizza to your Pre-heated Stone or Cooker that you ended up with a Scrunched up Mess?

Then this is what you have been waiting for.


 This is the easiest and most reliable pizza peel you will ever use!


1) Lift your fresh pizza dough base onto the "Ezi-Peel"

2) Add your Pizza sauce and toppings

3) Easily slide your prepared pizza onto the pre-heated Pizza Hot Rock


Ezi-Peel- Easiest & most reliable Pizza Peel

 The Amazing Ezi-Peel, "your best friend when it comes to lifting & loading fresh prepared Pizza".


 Play movie to see just how Easy, the "Ezi-Peel" make's it to handle fresh Pizza

More efective than a Giant Metal Spatula! 

  Ezi-Peel Main features

  • Steel support surface with low friction coating for smooth conveying action 
  • 100% cotton conveyor cloth, which is easily attached and removed 
  • Conveyor cloth may be machine washed and ironed 
  • Conveyor cloth made to last for many years of use 


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