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Stretching Your Fresh Dough Pizza


There are many methods you could use in transforming your pizza dough ball into a round flat base which will be start of your gormet Pizza creation.

Below is short video of a suggested technique to stretch your fresh pizza dough.




  Stretching your Fresh Pizza Dough - Summary

  1. Allow your dough to come to room temperature
  2. Flour your board work surface with a mixture of flour & about 10-20% semolina
  3. Gently Pat down to form a disc, you should feel dough resist further flatening once about 2-3cm thick. 
  4. Spin-Stretch the dough (see in video) to achieve about 3/4 of required diameter (both sides)
  5. Across varied axes, use rolling pin to stretch dough further to required diameter (both sides)
  6. Use Ezi-Peel to lift stretched dough off work surface in preparation for adding sauce & toppings