Bake mouth-watering pizza on your bbq.         It's better than a woodfire oven!



Pizza Metrics


Not withstanding the great difference in Quality, have you ever noticed how much a “Large Pizza” varies in size when purchased from one place or another. So when you buy a Pizza for $7 and it measures in at 9 inches, the difference to say a 13 inch Pizza is not “just a bit less”, rather its 100% less.  That’s right, a 9 inch Pizza is only half in area as a 13 inch pizza. So in reality, the $7 special is in fact more like $14 when comparing in a 13 inch equivalent size.

A quick survey suggest that, some commercial pizza chains sell their Pizza for about $14-15 when you gross them up to a 13 inch Pizza equivalent.  The Typical suburban Pizzeria in Sydney is likely selling their traditional topping Pizzas for about $16-18 for 13 inch equivalents and $18-20+ for same size in Gourmet style.




Traditional Margherita Pizza



We reckon, that the cost to make four, fresh dough 13 inch Peperoni Pizzas from scratch can be as low as $14.10, even less for the tradiational Margheritta. That’s around $3.52 per Pizza. Note, this includes all the ingredients used to make the fresh dough, pizza toppings and even the gas used in the BBQ. So even if your toppings are more lavish or a bit more costly, you can easily see how savings can be made in baking your own Pizza Hot Rock creations rather than buying in or buying out. Its about understanding the true value for your money.


Better still, because we are baking our fresh Pizzas on the Pizza Hot Rock, your Pizzas will taste just as amazing if not better than those at your local Pizzeria.