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A Note on Recipe Measurements

Preparing Ingredients by weight, Highly Reccommended.

The various cup measures that we have in our kitchen can vary in accuracy by ± 10%, even more based on how we use them. To make things worse,the density of ingredients can vary greatly depending on their particle size, different brands and grades of ingredient.

You will note in the recipes that follow that they primarily use weight rather than volumetric measurement of ingredients. This is deliberate on my part as I cannot reccomend highly enough the use of a digital kitchen scale to weigh your ingredients, particularly the flour and water. You can use the volumetric measures for ingredients that make up a smaller proportion of the recipe.

When it comes to making dough products, dough consitency is important. It's not something that you need to stress about, rather, if you get the inital flour and water weights right, then its much easier to get the correct consistency first time and every time. Also, if you do need to make adjustments to a recipe, you can do this confidently each time knowing exactly what the new recipe weight is for an ingredient.