Bake mouth-watering pizza on your bbq.         It's better than a woodfire oven!



Pitta to Pizza, Frozen to Fresh


No matter your choice of Pizza, they all bake faster, crispier & taste better when baked on a Pizza Hot Rock.


  • No-fuss convenience of ready made frozen or ready made fresh pizzas 
  • Prefer thin and crispier pizzas on pitta, lebanese or tortilla flat breads 
  • Create a selection of mini pizzas on pocket bread bases, fun for the kids 
  • Love fresh dough pizzas, but also the ready made convenenience 
  • Kitchen helpers make it a breeze; mixer, food processor or bread machine 
  • Make it from scratch; quick or slow ferment for awsome flavour 



Fresh & Frozen Ready Made Pizzas


Ready Made Pizza Dough


Ready Made Pizza Bases & Flat Breads


Kitchen Fresh Pizza Dough


Handmade Fresh Dough



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