Bake mouth-watering pizza on your bbq.         It's better than a woodfire oven!



   Perfect Pizza in    5 Minutes


The Pizza Hot Rock is proven to boost the heat required for the underside conductive cooking. The result is temperatures nearing 400°C and pizza stone surface temperatures of over 300°C. These high bake temperatures by far surpass that achieved in a typical household electric kitchen oven. Given this, you can appreciate how its quite easy to bake Pizza in around 5 minutes with a Pizza Hot Rock. 

As well as reducing cooking time, heat and fuss in your kitchen, the Pizza Hot Rock allows you to easily and reliably produce fantastic tasting restaurant quality Pizzas at home, that your family and friends will absolutely love!

The process of baking on the Pizza Hot Rock is quite quick and easy.

Delicious Pizza Ready to Enjoy

Just 5 minutes later ...Enjoy your Home Made Gourmet Pizza!

Play movie to see just how Quick and Easy it is to bake delicious Gourmet Pizza with the Pizza Hot Rock

Pizza Hot Rock Main Features

  • Satin Stainless Steel frame 
  • Large food safe cordierite ceramic cooking stone, will fit a large 13 inch diameter (33cm) pizza 
  • Requires a gas hooded BBQ (not included) at least 12cm high above cooking grill & 34cm square  
  • Australian Patent Pending, proudly designed & manufactured in Australia!

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