Bake mouth-watering pizza on your bbq.         It's better than a woodfire oven!



Secret to Baking Perfect Homemade Pizza  



Brick Woodfired Pizza Oven

I am sure that at some stage, like myself, you have been eagerly awaiting to savour the taste of a Pizza you have just baked in your kitchen oven, to only be disappointed by the soggy base, toppings robbed of their  flavour, not to mention the time taken. Well, no longer need be disappointed with the next pizza you bake. 


It may not be any surprise to know that authentic Italian pizzas are cooked the good old-fashioned way, with fire and stoneThese traditional wood fired brick ovens are able to bake pizzas at very high temperatures and in a matter of minutes. It's this very high temperature and short pizza bake time which is the secret to cooking Pizza with a crispy base and toppings that retain and develop amazing flavour.


Harnessing these natural elements has never been quicker and easier than now, using a “Pizza Hot Rock”.


The Pizza Hot Rock, BBQ Cooker Pizza enables you to bake Pizza in the convenience of your hooded gas BBQ, at Home.


The Stainless Steel base design (Australian Patent Pending) is proven to boost the blistering heat required for conductive cooking. Its design also helps protect the pizza stone from thermal cracking, as well as protect the Pizza from naked flames, which would burn the pizza base and edges (No need to produce charcoal Frisbees here).


Hooded Gas BBQ Pizza Stone Oven


The porous hot pizza stone quickly draws away moisture creating an authentic light and caramelised crispy crust. The conductive cooking is perfectly balanced with convective and radiated heat also baking the toppings, resulting in bubbling hot pizzas with amazing aroma and fantastic flavour, each and every time.


Not only does this reduce cooking time, heat and fuss in your kitchen – above all, the Pizza Hot Rock allows you, to easily and reliably produce fantastic tasting restaurant quality Pizzas at home, that all your friends and family will enjoy.


Perfectly Baked Crispy Pizza Base

Did you know that the majority of new restaurant Brick or Woodfire Pizza Oven installations, are wholely or partially gas fired? 

Gas fired ovens provide the abundant heat required, better control and yet still produces the "authentic bake" taste. The important factor is the high bake temperature which caramelises the natural sugars in the dough, to produce those waves of natural flavours and crispy crust.


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